Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seeing Houston for the First Time

It was, and still is, hard for me to grasp the fact that we were moving to America's 4th largest city. So when we got onto I-10/Katy Freeway I was overwhelmed by the multitudes of lanes! If you count the marginals there are 10 lanes on either side! That's 20 lanes of sun bleached concrete!!! And the freeway is the only thing in Houston that is in anyway 'hill' like. Houston is FLAT!

After traveling another 8 hours in the car the kids had about had it. I had about had it and my stress levels were rising. We got onto Barker-Cypress Rd. and I from that point on hated Google maps. It looked a lot different than what I thought I saw on that street view. In less than a minute we found the apartment I had picked over the internet... OMG! When I saw the suped up cars with these nasty looking spinners that looked as if they came out of the movie Death Race 2000 my stress levels went through the roof. Mark dropped me off at the 'club house' I realized that the photographer who took the pictures for the internet must have found some extreme angles to make this look big. I wasn't impressed and my feeling of dread was getting worse. After much waiting I finally find someone to take us to the apartment. We go up rickety stairs with a rusted out railing and enter the smallest living room ever of this so called 'updated' dump. What did I do??? Then we saw the bedrooms. All of them had doors to the balcony. We declined right there on the spot. I was crushed, tired, the kids were going nuts, and the rest of our stuff was coming the next day. I tried really really hard not to break out in tears. Houston was not looking so good and my visions of what it was like went up in smoke.

We ended up driving further up the street to the other apartment complex we had seen on the internet and ended signing a lease there instead. The kids were well past it and so was I. If I can give anyone advice when relocating with no help.... DON'T get an apartment over the internet! And if your coming from a house, just lease a house. The apartment thing is not what you would dream it to be. And if you happen to be moving to Katy, Texas, pick a place south of I-10.

So how did things end up? Well, we have till August in the apartment. We can't wait to get out of it. The apartment itself isn't bad but the complex has a lot to be desired. We are going to lease a house south of I-10 even though they are pricy. I have found that I love Houston for all it's quirks, it's a remarkable city.

Now that you know the back story. Let's now talk about Houston, a place that didn't show much in the travel books up in Ohio but has more than I ever imagined... if you keep an open mind!

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  1. I do so hope you get the chance to keep up with this blog. Very interesting. FB is too short. Don't get enough time to share.

    WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Skype sometime!